I Lived.

I thought I would be good at trying to write something everyday but that was a horrible expectation I had set for myself lol. Anyways, today is my day off from work and this week was so stressful and emotional. Had my cousin’s graduation Friday night which was so sentimental to me.

Let me give you a little background story on that. My cousin Jesus graduated from High School. He has alot of siblings, i think about 7 to be honest, he is the 3 youngest out of the kids and the FIRST to graduate from his family ever and be college bound. His older siblings? In jail or just have their own families and kids. He graduated RGV Lead Scholar, Texas Scholar, and was also in the Honors program for his class. He is a good kid to be honest, very involved in sports. He was Varsity football Junior and Senior year, Wrestling team Junior year, and Track and Field also. He was in the migrant program in school. His story is a pretty tough one, he never knew his father and still doesnt to this day, his mom abandoned him when he was about 9 years old along with his other younger brothers. She left them in the apartment they lived in for a couple of days while she went to basically go chase her ex sancho. The kids were closed to being placed into foster care but luckily, their grandma took them in. Jesus on the other hand, lived with his aunt under her care. I dont really talk to her even though she’s family but i can honestly say i am so happy she raised him. He is so respectful and has a really kind heart. He didnt grow up with the family he wanted or getting the love he wanted either but he proved EVERYBODY wrong. He was so happy when he saw me in the stands at the stadium graduation day. I look to that boy like if he were my little brother. I went to his football games whenever i got the chance, wrestling meets also, and spoiled the kid whenever i had the chance. He would never ask for much. He was and is so humble. As soon as they let us go onto the football field, I ran to go find him. The second i found him, I hugged him so much and told him how proud I was of him proving so many people wrong….I told him see you later when i left his graduation, little did i know that friday night was the last time i was going to see him since Monday, he boarded a flight to California to go work over there in the summer until he started College. I cried the whole night to be honest. He is going to start in Michigan State in the fall and will be majoring in Criminal Justice. I am so proud of him but i cant help being sad because he is like my little brother. I love him so insanely much and I miss him a lot already…but I know he will be fine and do great things when in Michigan. I couldn’t be any more proud of anybody else. His class song was I Lived by OneRepublic which fits his story so much. I’ve had the song on repeat so much lately. It reminds me of him so much because he never gave up, no matter how much he wanted, he took risks and made decisions no little kid should of. He is such a good role model to his little brothers. He lived through things he shouldnt have but he never gave less than 100% than what was expected him. He took every opportunity that was given to him and made the best of it. He is the only one I will ever brag about so much but because he has honestly grown into a remarkable young man….IMG_20170527_213346_011


I feel like I’m in High School all over again with the intros…

This is the post excerpt.

I’m not really good at introductions so let’s see how this ends up. My name is Irasema. Its pronounced E-rah-seh-mah. Yes, I know I have a weird name. I have lived with it for 20 years of my life so far so I’ve learned to deal with it. I’m from South Texas. And no, I’m not talking about San Antonio, Texas. I’m talking about 4 hours more South. The place called the Rio Grande Valley. Where the border is about less than an hour away and everybody has to get breakfast tacos from Stripes before going to school/work. I work for a multi-million (maybe billion) dollar company talking to people all day at a computer. I know, totally boring right? But it helps pay off my bills. I am also a DACA kid. AKA DREAMER. I was one of the first kids to be put underneath that so I am forever grateful for that. Its been a crazy journey so far, and its no where near over yet. I wish I knew what the future has in store for me but I don’t. Nobody does. This blog will be documenting majority of the things I go through, mainly my stories so far on my journey to becoming a permanent resident. It will mention the struggle, the laughs, and the heartache I’ve been through and so on. I appreciate everybody who will read this and who knows, maybe I will be famous for this one day. Hahaha totally kidding. This is me signing off on my first blog post ever.