I feel like I’m in High School all over again with the intros…

This is the post excerpt.


I’m not really good at introductions so let’s see how this ends up. My name is Irasema. Its pronounced E-rah-seh-mah. Yes, I know I have a weird name. I have lived with it for 20 years of my life so far so I’ve learned to deal with it. I’m from South Texas. And no, I’m not talking about San Antonio, Texas. I’m talking about 4 hours more South. The place called the Rio Grande Valley. Where the border is about less than an hour away and everybody has to get breakfast tacos from Stripes before going to school/work. I work for a multi-million (maybe billion) dollar company talking to people all day at a computer. I know, totally boring right? But it helps pay off my bills. I am also a DACA kid. AKA DREAMER. I was one of the first kids to be put underneath that so I am forever grateful for that. Its been a crazy journey so far, and its no where near over yet. I wish I knew what the future has in store for me but I don’t. Nobody does. This blog will be documenting majority of the things I go through, mainly my stories so far on my journey to becoming a permanent resident. It will mention the struggle, the laughs, and the heartache I’ve been through and so on. I appreciate everybody who will read this and who knows, maybe I will be famous for this one day. Hahaha totally kidding. This is me signing off on my first blog post ever.