Bye bye bye!

I’m pretty sure everybody has those friendships that are really going to last like forever and ever and turns out they never do. Well, this is gonna be me venting about a situation like that. So I had this one friend, met in 8th grade. She was a transfer student, I was really a nobody so we became best friends. She was my go to person, I’d spend my days with her all the time in school, everybody knew we were super close. High School came, still best friends. Of course, high school was all about meeting new people and exploring who you were. She was the type of tomboy girl who was in ROTC and I was wanting to be popular, being involved with Class Officer stuff, wanting everybody to like me. We were the strange best friend combination in high school. I eventually got class historian position and would drag her to all my meetings which I knew she hated deep down because it involved “preppy kids”. I was in Pre-Ap classes, she was in advanced. I excelled at my classes and she really didn’t. During my Junior year, she ended up transferring to an alternative school for kids who were at risk of not graduating. We had made a promise that we were going to graduate together but that didnt happen. During my Junior year, I forgot all about her. I made new best friends to replace her, she made new friends. Graduation Day came. I remembered the promise we made. I saw kids from the alternative school show up because they graduated on time….but she wasnt there. Turns out, she still didnt get to pass her classes. So I graduated with my friends who weren’t behind. Fast forward a year later. I get a text from her telling me she’s finally graduating and she wanted me to go. Of course, I went. Ever since that day, we were inseparable. And I mean inseparable! We would go shopping together (I’d spend my money on both of us), go out to eat, go to the island, party, meet guys together, etc. My parents weren’t very fond of her being my friend. They thought she was a bad influence. Which she kinda was, she got me into smoking cigarettes, partying, rebelling against my family, and basically getting me to turn into the person I hated in high school. Eventually I got her a job at my workplace and we worked together for about 3 months. She ended up getting fired soon enough. Then something happened that my parents made me stop talking to her so much. We started to hang out less and less. Eventually she got a boyfriend who she bragged about ALL THE TIME to me. Then soon enough, she unfriended me on facebook one day, snapchat also, basically she removed me from her life. What did i do? Nothing. I did nothing to her, but I didnt really care that much because I know i did nothing wrong. Fast forward again to today: she texts me. She gave me a spare key to her house a long time ago but i never got to return it when we stopped talking. I was legitally going to burn it the other day. So she asks for the key back and i say yeah of course i can return it. I was going to return it right away so i can get it over with but then the chick says she isnt home right away and that she’ll be there in 2 hours. Of course, I didnt want to see her. I asked if i could drop it off at her mailbox but she made a big scene about it. She said she wanted it back face to face. Which was stupid either way. I got to her place and shes taking forever and a day to get out of her house and had her head down the ENTIRE TIME when i was returning the key. Like, what was the whole point of me seeing her face to freaking face if shes going to have her head down in shame? LOL. Its so dumb. But what I really learned at the end of the day, she wasnt a real friend. She used me for money and left the second she got a dude by her side. I know a true friend wouldnt leave me if she got a guy. She would include me in her life still but unfortunately, this chick wasn’t going to include me in anything. But I would like to thank her regardless, thank her for being there for me growing up and making me realize what a FAKE friend looks like. Hope you have a great life with your ugly dude, don’t call me in the future saying your pregnant or engaged saying you want me to be a part of your special day because I wont answer or go. I have found my true friends now who actually love me regardless if I have money or not. So in the words of NSYNC, “BYE BYE BYE!” 


And now, we wait…

Yesterday I said bye to my neighbor who so happened to be my second brother. He left South Texas to go join the United States Army. I know I sound selfish and shallow for saying this but I didn’t want him to leave. He’s been my best friend for 5 years. He was my shoulder to cry on and the person who could make me laugh so much in a matter of seconds. This is the story about how we met. Back in July 2012, my sister and I were scrolling facebook and we found the neighbors as the people we may know. Instantly, we started stalking and turns out it was them lol so my sister made me request them and message them “hey arent yall our neighbors” and thats how our lovely friendship started. The day we all officially hung out was July 4th 2012 when they accused us of stealing their dog (it was a joke) cause their dog was in our lawn and we started to play with it. From there, we would spend every day that summer together. We’d play in the street, have dinner together, cookouts, take drives around town blasting music in the car. It was an amazing start to a great friendship. We didnt go to the same school together but we supported each other in everything we did. Our schools were cross town rivals but it was the greatest thing ever because we’d always talk shit about when we would be better at each other in certain sports. News flash, their school was ALWAYS better in football. LOL. fast forward to my senior year, we all worked together at the SAME job. and yes, there was a time when we almost burned down the restaurant. LOL. My neighbors always had the cops called on them because either we were listening to music too loud or they fought with the other neighbors. It was the funniest thing ever. I would always come home late at midnight and I’d see my neighbors outside just chilling and drinking. My neighbor was so over protective of me to the point where he would question me if i came home in a different direction as usual, it was annoying sometimes but he would ask cause he cared alot about me and he just wanted to make sure I was safe. It sucks knowing i wont be seeing him until december. I told him bye on sunday when i was leaving to work but I didnt tell him bye yet. I told him “see you later”…..which made me really sad because I wont be seeing him later. I have to wait until the end of the year. I kept thinking it was a joke and i was gonna wake up the next day and see him outside saying “Haha, im kidding, im not leaving you guys”. Then monday morning came around and i was getting my yeti cup out of my car. He walked outside of his house one last time and was entering his car when he yelled “Bye Chems!” (chems is what he calls me, dont question it lol) and i looked at him trying so hard not to cry and just yelled bye back with a smile on my face….its tough. today has been so tough not seeing him outside across the street. thats the kid i grew up with, the one who gave me so much advice, the one who was my shoulder to cry on for alot of things. I dont know how im gonna handle this. I know there are going to be days when i will just go over to his house and cry with his sister and i know there are going to be days when i post on his facebook wall asking him where he is and wishing he was here. It sucks….but I know the day he gets home will be the greatest day ever because he will come home with the title of being a United States Soldier and that will be the something I will never forget because he will have achieved his dream.